Tracey McShane is the wife of renowned author, comedian, and television host Jon Stewart. Recently, Jon was said to have a sickness, according to the news.

After months of difficult discussions, Senate Republicans finally agreed on a bill to enhance the benefits and healthcare for veterans who have been exposed to chemicals.

The soldiers who were exposed to Agent Orange or chemicals from burn pits used to dispose of military waste in Iraq and Afghanistan may profit from this.

The Department of Defense estimates that 3.5 million military personnel may have been exposed to burn pits throughout the Middle East. Medical professionals claim that people who are exposed to these poisons run the danger of having cancer and respiratory issues.

Does Jon Stewart Have a Disease? Update on Health

The TV host is currently in excellent health and free from any ailments. Soon after leaving The Daily Show, he began his vegan journey. He decided to change because of his wife.

Some people thought he was sick since he had been pushing to enact legislation to help thousands of people with cancer and respiratory diseases.

Jon Stewart at a rally in support of the law providing treatment to soldiers who were exposed to deadly burn pits:

Republican Senator Ted Cruz, who not only rejected the plan last Wednesday but was also photographed fist-bumping other GOP Senators to celebrate the measure’s collapse, called it a budget “gimmick.”

Stewart, who has been vehemently pushing this bill (as well as greater government compensation for 9/11 first responders) since September 2020, called Cruz out on Twitter. Not even a game. He wrote that it was about those who battled for your life.

What Has Been Happening To Jon Stewart?

Since leaving The Daily Show, Stewart has mostly kept a low profile in the entertainment business. Nevertheless, he has utilized his fame and power to advocate for veterans’ and first responders’ health benefits.

He received the coveted New York City Bronze Medallion in recognition of his hard work, motivation, and leadership in winning the permanent authorization of the Victim Compensation Fund Act.

He is credited for breaking a Senate impasse on the legislation to offer health care and benefits to the 9/11 first responders, which led to the law’s passage three days after he highlighted a group of them on the show.

Stewart persisted in being an outspoken supporter, regularly appearing on newscasts and late-night shows. The bill was eventually enacted, making Jon the happiest person alive at the time.

Where is Tracey McShane, the wife of Jon Stewart? Children and Family

The spouse of Jon Stewart is Tracey McShane. The story of how the pair first met is intriguing. They originally met on a blind date arranged by Jon’s production assistant.

They fell in love quite quickly, and four years later, they were married. Tracey is a graphic artist, a certified veterinary technician, and an animal rights advocate.

She has a wide range of abilities. She decided to pursue a degree in veterinary medicine after learning that her husband had been chosen to host The Daily Show. She has used her position and influence to help animals, and she runs a farm where she keeps rescued animals.

Jon and Tracey make a great couple. They are only five years apart in age. Jon is currently 59 years old, and his wife is currently 54.

The couple’s two healthy children were born as a result of the in vitro fertilization technique. Tracy has a contented spouse. They are currently ecstatic, and she is pleased with Jon’s recent contribution to the bill’s passage.

Comedy performer Jon Stewart is worth a staggering $120 million, according to celebrity net worth. Through a number of methods, Jon has amassed this level of wealth. He hosted the well-known program The Daily Show for 16 years.

His yearly salary at the height of his career was estimated to be around $25 million.

After quitting The Daily Show, he avoided the spotlight. Jon and HBO reached a four-year agreement in 2015. The plan was to create an animated parody of a cable news network, but in 2017, the endeavor was shelved. Numerous times, the debut date was adjusted.

Over the course of his acting career, the comedian has amassed a substantial fortune. He also owns a production company.

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