What is Karl Lagerfeld best known for? is a question that is often asked in fashion circles. Aside from creating the latest designs, he also had many other interests. He loved opera and theater and designed costumes for movies and plays.

He also liked to decorate old mansions, and he traveled all over Europe collecting modern art and antiques. It’s a fascinating look at the life of the man who made such an impact on the fashion industry.

As a young man, Karl was the youngest of three children of wealthy parents. He was the only son of Swedish and German immigrants. He went to school in Germany, but he continued to attend art school, studying photography and drawing.

He also kept company with Andy Warhol, who was a mentor to him. When he was only fourteen years old, he discovered his passion for fashion and was soon designing for some of the biggest names in fashion.

After graduating from the fashion school, Lagerfeld began designing collections for his own label. He also designed for two other fashion houses. In addition to designing for his own clothing lines, he also photographed and filmed countless editorials and advertisements.

He was so successful that he was hired to oversee the fur line for Fendi. Despite this success, Lagerfeld was an avid collaborator. His other interests included designing for Steinway pianos and Steiff bears. His white Birman cat Choupette had over one hundred thousand Instagram followers.

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