We believe that Singaporean lawyer Justin Chan, who is married to Glenda Chong, has an estimated net worth of several hundred thousand dollars, although he has not publicly disclosed this information.

The audience started to worry about the couple’s health when their favorite anchor, who usually sits at the CNA desk, suddenly left. She later revealed that both she and her husband had symptoms of COVID. She accidentally gave him her germs when she kissed him in greeting, which set off the entire incident.

Although the spouse is confident that the test result was a false negative, the tests showed negative results.

However, the couple decided to remain in isolation until they felt rested and in good health so that they wouldn’t be a danger to their coworkers. This was because they didn’t believe in taking any chances.

What Kind of Activity Does Glenda Chong’s Husband Engage in More or Less? Justin Chan’s anticipated cost in 2022.

Although we do not yet have an accurate estimate of Justin Chan’s net worth as of the year 2022, we can be certain that Glenda Chong and her husband will have more than enough money to live comfortably for the rest of their lives.

Numerous news outlets have stated that in addition to his role as a husband at Tito Isaac Co., he also works as a solicitor and a recommender.

According to the specifications on his LinkedIn profile, he started practicing civil litigation in 2004. On the other hand, he frequently concentrates on non-compete agreements, development claims, accidents, and the enforcement of rights. His knowledge encompasses business, criminal, and divorce matters.

About six years ago, he was offered the chance to take over as the company’s head of dispute resolution while also cultivating long-lasting and profitable connections with his clients.

He worked as an intern at Drew & Napier LLC after finishing his studies at the College of Nottingham. This happened just before he started working for a national company, where he was able to expand his clientele and further his level of accuracy.

Does Glenda Chong’s husband, Justin Chan, go by that name?

A successful lawyer named Justin Chan is fortunately married to well-known newscaster Glenda Chong. Even though it was only a small ceremony, the journalist was happy to share all the delicious details of that important day.

In an interview with her husband, she explained how she and her spouse planned their wedding ceremony so that they would exchange vows in front of their closest family and friends while sticking to the customs of her Peranakan ancestry.

On the day of their wedding, Glenda Chong and Justin Chong

The bride grinned widely when guests arrived at the wedding wearing traditional attire, including sarongs, kebayas, and batik shirts. Bibiks and babas were worn by guests.

When they ran into one another for the first time in a parking lot in 2012, neither of them gave the other any thought. They didn’t start conversing with each other until they ran into each other again at a birthday party. The realization that they were meant to be together came along with the moment of enchantment she experienced.

In actuality, even though she said yes to all three of his proposals, he was just as enamored by her beauty as he had been with her.

According to his age and Wikipedia, who is Justin Chan?

Justin Chan, a lawyer, is married to Glenda Chong, a woman whose age is unknown. The head editor of Chanel Information Asia is Glenda Chong. According to our exact estimations, he and his better half are both in their 50s and share a similar fraction of age.

She or he was raised in Singapore and is the devoted daughter of a Hakka father and a Peranakan mother. That is one compliment he offers to his gorgeous woman, whom he adores.

She actually started out working for Channel NewsAsia, where she covered the 2008 Beijing Olympics by reporting on it or even writing about it. She also provided unexpected protection during the 2010 Shanghai International Expo as well as the 2008 Sichuan Crisis.

Her standing within the industry improved after she was recognized as the Best Information Anchor in 2001 and made contributions to the Mediacorp newsroom.

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