The late actor commanded a net worth of $16 million when he passed away in 2012. His multi-faceted roles in popular movies led to his success, and his work with Morgan Freeman, Kevin Costner, and Bruce Willis earned him worldwide recognition.

His favorite role, however, was that of a villain, and his performances earned him nominations for several Tony Awards. In addition to his numerous acting awards, Rickman left many charitable donations in honor of his family.

What was Alan Rickman worth when he died
What was Alan Rickman worth when he died?

In addition to winning BAFTA Film Awards and Primetime Emmy Awards, Rickman earned over $16 million during his career.

Despite a complicated personal life, Rickman maintained a high net worth throughout his life.

In fact, he was the 20th highest-grossing actor of all time, with films grossing over $3.4 billion worldwide.

While Rickman was a star in his own right, he also had several successful relationships, which boosted his net value.

After a long struggle with pancreatic cancer, the actor was finally able to announce his impending death to close family and friends.

He had a long-term battle with the disease but remained unwavering in his faith.

Despite his fame and fortune, Rickman’s estate was not very large and was only a fraction of Bowie’s.

But with his fame and money, it’s easy to see why he’d be worth so much.

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