Andre Leon Talley who was Vogue’s flamboyant former creative director and one-time editor-at-large has died.

The fashion stalwart passed away in hospital aged 73 on Tuesday, January 18, 2022.

What Was Andre Leon Talley’s Cause Of Death?
What Was Andre Leon Talley’s Cause Of Death? Image Source: Amazon

What was Andre Leon Talley’s cause of death?

Tally died in a hospital in White Plains, NY, according to a source with firsthand knowledge, according to the TMZ entertainment and celebrity news website.

What did Dr Yvonne Cormier say about Andre Leon Talley’s death?

The cause of his death has yet to be determined.

According to the Houston Chronicle, he died of problems associated with COVID-19, according to his longtime friend and Houston resident Dr Yvonne Cormier.

According to Dr Cormier, an anesthesiologist, Talley certainly had underlying health difficulties due to his weight.

It was claimed that he had tried and failed several times to shed weight.
She stated she had a 45-year friendship with Talley, whom she met as a student at Brown University in Rhode Island.

Who else paid tribute to Andre Leon Talley?

“Goodbye beloved André… no one viewed the world in a more exquisite and dazzling manner than you did,” said veteran designer von Furstenberg on Instagram.
“There was no one more soulful or magnificent than you. There will be fewer pleasures in the world. For 45 years, I’ve loved and laughed with you. I miss your deafening shrieks… “I adore you so much.”
“I am saddened to learn about Andre Leon Talley’s demise,” Oscar winner Octavia Spencer tweeted. My heartfelt condolences and prayers go out to his family. “
Another Academy Award winner”RIP Andre Leon Talley,” Viola Davis tweeted alongside a picture of herself and Tulley. “Relax, King.”
Jeremy O. Harris, the writer of “Slave Play,” was among those who paid homage.
“There were few individuals I could look up to up there amongst the stars that looked like me, only more fantastic, except for you, Andre,” he stated as a tiny black homosexual lad reaching for the heavens from the south.

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