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Arthur C. Brooks was born May 21, 1964 is an American author, public speaker, and academician. Brooks served as the 11th President of the American Enterprise Institute. He is a Grammy-winning record producer, engineer and music supervisor who was highly respected in the world.

What was Brooks Arthur ‘s cause of death?

Unfortunately nothing from the bereaved family to show the cause of his death. According to Jo-Ann Geffen of JAG PR, Arthur had lived in Valley Cottage in the 1970s. He was 86 and died Oct. 9, 2022, in California.

When is Arthur’s Funeral?

Arthur’s funeral will take place Oct. 16 at Mount Sinai Memorial Parks.

Meet Arthur’s Families and other relatives.

Arthur left behind 63 years old wife, Marilyn, their daughters Jill Arthur Posner and Jacki Arthur Eisenberg, and their respective husbands Ari and Jerry. He also leaves behind a sister, Rochelle Kaplan, and four grandchildren, Benjamin and Natalie Posner, Maxwell Abish and Jade Eisenberg.


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