Keith Grayson(DJ Kay Slay ) was born on August 14, 1966, He was an American disc jockey (DJ) and record executive from New York City.

He was also known by the name Dez.

He sold and dealt with narcotics and consequently ended up in jail by the late 1980s and was released in 1990.

DJ Kay Slay had four studio albums including  The Streetsweeper, Vol. 1, The Streetsweeper, Vol. 2, The Champions: North Meets South (with Greg Street), and More Than Just a DJ.

He worked with artists including T-Pain, Rick Ross, Nelly, Busta Rhymes, and French Montana

DJ Ky Slay died from Covid 19 complications on April 17, 2022, at the age of 55.

How Rich Was DJ Kay Slay?

At the time of his death, DJ Kay Slay had an estimated net worth of $2 million to  $5 million.

His wealth all came from his career as a DJ and a record executive.

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