Boonie Hood’s husband, Jim Hood, was convicted of killing his wife. He was incarcerated for the majority of his life.

Millionaire Newport Beach developer Jim Hood, who was once well-known in Orange County social circles, was deemed a threat to society and sentenced to prison for the killing of a man he reportedly hired to kill his wife, according to the police.

In a case that combined murder and greed, Bruce E. Beauchamp, a former worker of Hood’s in the construction industry, was murdered on March 22, 1992, and Hood was found guilty of first-degree murder in December.

Hood, who was dressed in a jail jumpsuit, sat still during the session. According to Hood’s attorney, he is profoundly guilty. It was questioned that the prosecutor compared the developer to “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.”

Bonnie Hood and the companion she was with when the horrific attack took place both recovered from bullet wounds. Later, according to this witness, Beauchamp was the gunman. Nevertheless, a jury found Beauchamp not guilty.

Jim Hood’s age is unknown.

According to a report from 1994, Jim Hood was 50 years old when the incident took place; as a result, he is currently in his seventies.

The home was purchased by Jim and Bonnie Hood in the late 1980s. While her developer husband stayed in Newport Beach, she made the rustic refuge her primary abode and place of employment.

Bonnie, 46, was killed and died in her cabin at around three in the morning on August 19, 1990, following a fantastic wedding reception at the resort.

The groundskeeper of the lodge, Rudy Manual, was also there. He was hurt, but he was still able to contact for assistance and tell them the shooter was in a red Jeep.

Jim Hood’s Career Income and Wealth

Jim Hood was a Newport Beach developer, thus he had a significant net worth to finance his lavish lifestyle.

The prosecution alleges that he hired a hitman, killed his wife while she was having an affair, collected $500,000 in insurance, and then lured the hitman to a fatal meeting a whole year and a half later.

Hood’s defense team contends that he did not commit his wife’s murder or her friend’s injuries and was only acting in self-defense when he shot an ex-employee in March 1990. Hood is currently free on a $1 million bond.

The prosecution claims that both sides’ animated depictions of the alleged hit man’s murder are a first for California. These animated reconstructions are sometimes referred to as “dueling schematics” by lawyers. These animations and other evidence will also be up for consideration by the jury. In 2022,

Who Will Wed Jim Hood?

Jim Hood, to whom Bonnie Hood was later married, killed her when she was involved in an adulterous affair.

Jim said to the police that he and Bonnie had a solid marriage and that he was unaware of the affair when he arrived at the lodge. He did, though, have a faint suspicion that Bonnie had upset someone.

The police looked into a nearby livestock rancher who was said to have been involved in a protracted argument with Rudy Manuel before eliminating him as a suspect.

The night before the huge wedding celebration, Beauchamp went camping near Nelson to unwind and have some downtime, he said when officers questioned him. When specifically questioned if he knew Bonnie Hood, he responded that he didn’t actually know her.

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