When I’m no more, give out my useful organs to people who need them – Singer Adomaa

Ghanaian singer, Adomaa has disclosed her final wish after she is no more alive on this earth.

According the adorable singer, she wishes for her useful vital organs to be donated to people who need them after she’s no longer alive .

Her last wish was motivated after an initial post was shared which highlighted the increase in the price of graves in Ghana.

The sensational singer expressed her wish to be buried in a simple and inexpensive way.

“Honestly, I do not want to be buried in this way. Give my useful organs and parts to people who need them, then plant a seed with the rest of me (cremated or any inexpensive way) and let me exist as a tree. Y’all can have a picnic, play music, laugh and dance under the shade. I’d like that very much.”

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