What is the ‘Winter House’ about?

‘Winter House’ by Bravo is a popular reality series. It is just as what it claims to be. Like its way maker series Summer House, the show takes a group of reality TV stars and makes them live under the same roof. The cast members are typically from other Bravo reality shows, and they spend two weeks in a vacation home in Vermont. Please keep reading to know more.

Winter House’ Season 2 was filmed in early 2022.

According to TheDipp, Winter House’s production company was looking to hire a field producer for a “returning Bravo show” earlier this year, and the dates listed in the job posting were February 21 to March 14, 2022.

Cast members began making Instagram posts in March 2022 that supported this idea. Per People, Craig Conover and Amanda Batula each shared posts in snowy locales that pretty clearly proved they were in Vermont.

If that’s still not enough corroboration, viewers need only to look at the nearest calendar. Winter officially began on December 21, 2021, and ended on March 20, this year.

Will ‘Winter House’ be returning for Season 3?

Bravo has yet to announce whether or not Winter House Season 2 will be the last season. However, there’s no indication that the series is ending any time soon.

Season 2 introduced three new cast members in Rachel Clark, Kory Keefer, and Jessica Stocker, giving viewers fresh faces to watch and new storylines to follow.

How long did they film Winter House for?

Where and when was Winter House filmed? The cast members spent 17 days filming the show in Stowe, Vt. Filming for Season 1 reportedly commenced on the reality show in February 2021. As People reported, filming was underway in March 2022 based on the Instagram posts of cast members.


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