Overwatch 2 is a 2022 first-person shooter by Blizzard Entertainment. Overwatch 2 is free-to-play on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S in early access on October 4 and features full cross-platform play.

Kiriko is one of the characters in Overwatch 2. Most players prefer suing Kiriko du to her specailabilities. Read on to find out when Kiriko will be ranked and her new abilities in Overwatch 2.

Who Is Kiriko In Overwatch 2?

Kiriko is a Kunoichi who grew up in Kanezaka. She was trained and taught by her mother, a full-fledged Ninja, alongside Genji and Hanzo.

Kiriko earned the reputation of the trickster because she is as cunning as Genji. Kiriko’s father was arrested after the Shimada clan fell, and another clan seized power.

After her father’s kidnapping, Kiriko Kiriko joined the Yokai group and began training to resist the oppressive clan.

When Will Kiriko Be In Ranked Mode In ‘Overwatch 2’?

Kiriko was ranked in competitive mode on October 18, 2022. She is currently available for competitive mode. However, she is not available to be used by every player in every match.

How To Unlock Kiriko In Overwatch 2?

To unlock Kiriko, players in Overwatch 2 have to purchase a battle pass. Kiriko is the first premium player anyone gets after they purchase the battle pass. A premium battle pass costs $10.

Free-to-play players can also unlock Kiriko at LEvel 55. She can also be unlocked using a founder’s pack.

When Will Kiriko Be In Ranked Mode In 'Overwatch 2'?
Source: Pro Game Guides

Kiriko Abilities in Overwatch 2

Below is the breakdown of Kiriko’s abilities in Overwatch 2;

  • Protection Suzu: Upon impact, allies in the area become briefly invulnerable and are cleansed of most negative effects
  • Healing Ofuda: Channel a burst of healing talismans that can seek targetted allies
  • Swift Step: Teleport directly to an ally, even through walls
  • Kitsune Rush – Ultimate Ability: Summon a fox spirit that rushes forward, accelerating the movement, attack speed, and cooldowns of allies that follow its path
  • Kuai: Thrown projectile that deals increased critical damage
  • Wall Climb – Passive: Jump at walls to climb them


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