A significant brand-new episode of Say Yes to the Dress on TLC will premiere on Saturday night. As part of the show’s trip down memory lane this week, Randy and the Kleinfeld family will recall the first season of the well-known reality TV program.

Episode six of Say Yes to the Dress will feature some of its most well-known and moving situations. A milestone has almost been reached since the start of the popular reality TV series in 2007: purchasing a bridal dress from Kleinfeld. The area has long been a favorite of families.

When will Say Yes to the Dress’ sixth episode air?

On Saturday at 8 p.m. ET, TLC will be the only place to watch the world premiere of Say Yes to the Dress’ sixth episode. If fans are unable to watch the original broadcast on August 13, 2022, they can catch the rebroadcast on TLC on Sunday at 12 am ET and again at 6 am ET.

The 21st season of the well-known reality TV show has recently begun. According to the sneak peek for the upcoming episode, the program will look back at Season 1, when it first appeared on TLC.

The following is a preview of Say Yes to the Dress: Season 21, Episode 6.

In the sixth episode of Say Yes to the Dress, titled Twenty Freakin’ Seasons!, Randy and former and present Kleinfeld family members will gather to discuss some of the most important episodes in the history of the program.

The official Say Yes To The Dress episode 6 summary reads as follows:

To share tales of the wackiest, saddest, and most dramatic moments in “Say Yes” history, the entire Kleinfeld Bridal family—past and present—gets together.

In a sneak peek tweet from Say Yes to the Dress, Randy discussed his first day of work with Kleinfeld. He claimed that on the day he started, the series was filming the season’s final episode. He was included:

“I really said that there is no future for this show. This show is doomed to failure. It debuted in 2007.

The well-known show’s Season 1 montage follows. In the montage, the host can be heard calling Kleinfeld “a legendary location” with over 1500 samples scattered across 3700 square feet.

Randy continued by describing how, after starting his employment with Kleinfeld, he initially developed an interest in the software.

They were filming one day in the alcove there. There was a bride on the pedestal. The producer came to me and said, “If you’re going to let that girl leave this location wearing that clothing, you cannot claim to be a decent fashion director.”

He asserted that after speaking with the producer, they placed a microphone on him and ordered him to return with a variety of samples for the bride to try on. He claimed that he was successful in convincing the bride to do so.

Say Yes to the Dress airs exclusively on TLC every Saturday at 8 p.m. ET. Readers should consult their local directories for more information.