In this article we talk about the couples that emerged from the Discovery Plus dating series. Are they still together as they might have had the intentions of being together or something is wrong somewhere along the line? Kindly read further to discover more;

Charlie and Jen

Charlie the mountain man rekindled a prior with Jennifer Taylor with which she agreed to Charlie and live with him in a log cabin in South Carolina. Jen once explained that she first felt like she was stepping off of a cliff by sacrificing her comfy lifestyle to live with Charlie.

With Jen’s words we are now wondering whether they are still together. Are they?

Judging from the Instagram of the two, we can to some degree of certainty say yes they’re. Most of Jen’s recent Instagram posts contain portion spraying fertiliser on her relationship with Charlie. Though Charlie is not a lover of posting much on social media, but it can be seen that Jen is among the only 10 people he is currently following.

So concluding on their relationship, we highly believe the two are still together and working out things to strongly be together.

Where are the Love Off the Grid season 1 couples now?
Jen and Charlie

Joe and Myesha scaled up off-the-grid

Myesha dis not just choose to live her city life in Atlanta for Joe’s farm in Centre, Ala., from the look of things, she also accepted Joe’s lifestyle as well. I guess you would love to have a share of her secret as well, Myesha is now a dedicated goat mother.

I’m sure you’re eager to know their current relationship status, the good news is that the two are currently married!

Where are the Love Off the Grid season 1 couples now?
Myesha and Joe

Spence and Lyndsay are up again

It seemed Spence family were apparently not great fans of Lyndsay after they broke up for the first time. However, Lyndsay was dedicated to fitting herself in Spence’s off the grid life.

Choosing Lyndsay’s Instagram as a material for making our hypothesis, it seems she is currently off the grid with regards to her relationship with Spence. Everything points out that he has been in her Instagram reel from September 13, 2022 but just as names weren’t made for just a person, it cannot be told if it’s him or not.

However, Lyndsay in another post made it publicly how she felt about the show itself saying, ” Sharing my sacred life & trying to inspire living in a closer connection with nature on reality TV was a terrible choice and deeply traumatising.”

Where are the Love Off the Grid season 1 couples now?
Lyndsay and Spence

Josh is married but not Angela

The deep incompatibility between Angela and Josh became painfully apparent when the two attempted to have a date at the bar. Angela was the one living off grid in this relationship, but you could sense Josh’s soul breathing a sigh of relief when he got to finally be extroverted with other bar patrons.
Angela made it clear how uncomfortable she was being at a bar in the first place, telling the viewers that her ex was an alcoholic. However, she wanted to do something that made Josh happy.

Sadly, the bar date turned into a breakup. Angela felt a bit resentful when she felt like Josh was spending more time talking to other bar patrons than her. Josh argued that he was just happy to be recharging his social battery. Angela felt like he only liked her when she was taking care of him, like a mother figure instead of a girlfriend.
Needless to say, Josh has since married another woman post-show.

Where are the Love Off the Grid season 1 couples now?
Josh and Angela

This is what we know and have so far as we await the season 2.


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