The current whereabouts of Al Green is unknown. Not much has been heard from him in recent years. Al has been keeping a low profile.

It is however known that Al Green is still alive and healthy. Although there may be speculations that he has died, it is false. Al Green is still alive in 2022. He is currently 76 years.

In 2021, it was reported that Al Green has become a full-time minister. Green established the Full Gospel Tabernacle church in Memphis. Green resides and preaches in Memphis.

In the 1980s, Green switched his music genre from secular to gospel. This happened after an incident where his girlfriend died by suicide, Green became an ordained pastor and turned to gospel music.

He later returned to secular music. He began making country music again in 1988.

There is not much information about Al Green currently. It seems he has gone completely off the grid.


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