Not much is known about the current life of Bob Dylan. It is unknown if he has retired or not. Although he is old, Bob is yet to officially announce his retirement.

Bob is currently concentrating on his artwork. Aside from music, Bob has also been an artist and painter.

It is however known that Bob Dylan is still alive and healthy. Rumors of his death rose in August 2022. However, the allegations and rumors were cleared by his family.

In 2022, Bob Dylan is 81 years. He is known to be celebrating some of the best moments of his life.

Bob’slast recording was in 2020. he released 2 singles. He also sold all his records and songs to Universal Music Publishing Group in December 2020.

During his 80th birthday in 2021, he celebrated by a virtual conference, [email protected], organized by the TU Institute for Bob Dylan Studies.


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