The generally calm city of Portage, Michigan was shaken by the discovery of Rachel Drafta’s body after she had been shot to death in her parent’s driveway. The name of Rachel’s ex-envious boyfriend’s ex, Theresa Petto, was promptly revealed to the police, who had initially been perplexed. The horrifying murder is described in the documentary “Deadly Women: Hot Tempers, Cold Hearts” on Inquiry Discovery, which also shows how Theresa was closely connected to the crime throughout the police investigation. To find out more, let’s look at the details of the crime.

Theresa Petto: Who Was She?

Hastings, Michigan resident Theresa Petto was no stranger to tragedy. Theresa’s three-week-old child, who was fathered by her then-boyfriend, Brent Kik, was actually discovered dead in her apartment under suspicious circumstances four years before Rachel was killed, according to reports. Theresa and Brent allegedly chose to split up after the child was killed, according to the episode, even though there was never any investigation into Theresa’s involvement in the child’s death.

Brent ultimately moved on and began making preparations for a better future, but Theresa was unable to let go of her ex-boyfriend. Additionally, she started to feel envious of her ex and frequently lashed out at her when she discovered that she was seeing someone else. According to the episode, investigators believe that her envy is what motivated her to stalk Brent and learn about his relationship with Rachel Drafta.

At the time of Rachel’s murder, she and Brent were somewhat exclusive and even had romantic dreams. However, they were not aware of the calamity that would shortly snuff out their hopes and objectives. Theresa finally gave in to her sentiments of envy on June 24, 2015, and went to Rachel’s parents’ house after discovering a gun. She saw the victim on the driveway when she arrived and began firing casually at her. When the police arrived, Rachel was unresponsive, and the offender had vanished. Authorities immediately transported the sufferer to a neighboring hospital, but Rachel passed away unexpectedly two days later while still undergoing treatment because her wounds were too serious. It was discovered after an investigation that she had died as a result of the bullet wounds.

Even though there were initially only a few clues to follow in the investigation, the police soon discovered that Rachel was dating Brent, who was still being sought after by his ex-girlfriend, Theresa Petto. Theresa first denied being involved in the crime and steadfastly maintained her innocence, but detectives found enough evidence to refute her claims, and as a result, they arrested the suspect.

Theresa Petto: Is She Alive or Dead?

When Theresa was called to testify in court, she initially filed a not guilty plea; however, she soon changed it to guilty but mentally ill. Thus, in 2016, she received a life sentence without the possibility of release. It’s interesting to note that Theresa attempted to rescind her guilty plea and demanded a new trial in 2019, but both requests were ultimately denied. As a result, Theresa was sent behind bars in March 2022, which is when word of her demise first surfaced. The cause of her death has not yet been revealed, despite the fact that the news was officially published on March 14!

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