On his 55th birthday, Brazilian bodybuilder Valdir Segato passed away. He was well-known for using synthetic hormone injections for a long time to bulk up.

The TikTok celebrity was reportedly declared dead on July 26 in the southeast Brazilian city of Ribeiro Preto, according to the Universo Online (UOL) website.

According to UOL reports, Segato stated that he became ill at home and was transported there by the Brazilian Mobile Emergency Care Service of UPA Nelson Mandela-UPA Norte (SAMU).

It is impossible to say whether Valdir Segato’s use of Synthol injections into his muscles led to any consequences because no reports have identified the cause of his death.

Segato’s body has already been interred in the Bom Pastor Cemetery, so the information may not be verified, according to UOL News. No autopsy was likely performed because the burial allegedly took place a day after his passing.

Valdir Segato, a native of Brazil, was also known as “Valdir Synthol” on social media because he frequently used Synthol oil to acquire an extremely bulky appearance. Segato, a construction worker who apparently came from Sao Paulo, was most likely a resident of Ribeiro Preto.

Segato gained notoriety in late October 2016 as a result of a DailyMail UK profile. The bodybuilding enthusiast said in their interview: “I prefer it when people refer to me as the Hulk, Arnold, or He-Man.” My biceps have doubled, but I still want to be bigger.

He planned to add four inches to his biceps, which were 23 inches at the time, by receiving Synthol oil injections. Valdir Segato earlier admitted that The Incredible Hulk and Arnold Schwarzenegger served as some of his inspirations.

In an interview with DailyMail UK, Segato explained his past and how he came to use Synthol injections. He admitted that he had formerly been a drug addict. said Segato:

“I started doing drugs, and since you don’t eat, you start to lose weight.” You have a bad existence.

Where is Valdir Segato now?

Valdir Segato is currently dead and died at the age of 55.

He was well-known for using synthetic hormone injections for a long time to bulk up

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