What happens if your loving wife vanishes without a trace while you’re making a regular trip at the gas station? That is the ominous concept of the chilling drama on Netflix with the aptly named title Last Seen Alive.

The husband in question, Will Spann, is portrayed by Gerard Butler. Jaimie Alexander, who starred in Thor: Love and Thunder, portrays his wife, Lisa.

Will’s quest to learn what happened to his wife begins at a gas station in an unknown town that is roughly 15 minutes away from Lisa’s parents’ home. He had advised Lisa to simply return to Manchester and ignore the whole “Lisa wants to separate” situation.

Despite the hazy nature of the movie’s setting, we now have more information regarding the actual places where Last Seen Alive was filmed.

Details on the main filming location for ‘Last Seen Alive.’

Will continues down the road after horrifyingly realizing Lisa has vanished at the gas station. As our hero anxiously wonders what to do about Lisa, the sheer beauty of the lush trees with the greenest of leaves sitting on each side of the road seems to taunt him.

TheCinemaholic claims that the aforementioned flora may be found near Savannah, Georgia, where the majority of the filming for Last Seen Alive was done.

Another beautiful opening shot in Last Seen Alive is the wide view of Savannah’s Talmadge Memorial Bridge, which seems to give the viewer a false sense of security.

The essential petrol station in question is the clear filming location in Last Seen Alive. Where is it in the real world? The same article from TheCinemaholic also says that the gas station is a Texaco Rincon at 1113 North Columbia Avenue.

According to Google maps, Savannah is around a 35-minute drive from the actual city of Rincon in Georgia.

According to the same article on Cinemaholic, the crew for Last Seen Alive also changed a police station in Bloomingdale, Georgia, so that it could be used in other important scenes.

While filming Last Seen Alive in Savannah, Jaimie also shared a number of photos there on her Instagram (@jaimiealexander), which you can follow. She put them out in May 2021, which proved that filming for Last Seen Alive had started in the spring or summer of that year, as had been said.

Does Will find his wife in ‘Last Seen Alive’? (SPOILERS)

Below are Last Seen Alive spoilers!

Last Seen Alive’s conclusion appears to (maybe) set up a prospective continuation. Knuckles (Ethan Embry), an old classmate who also happened to be her parents’ handyman, basically kidnapped Lisa. Knuckles felt it would be a good idea to abduct Lisa in exchange for ransom money to support his drug habit, but the whole scheme ended up getting him into more trouble than he anticipated.

Fortunately, Will finds his wife again because of his tenacity and total disdain for the danger he puts himself in. When Will asks if they’re good at the end of the movie, she responds, “Yeah,” adding, “Come with me.” Even if Last Seen Alive doesn’t have a follow-up, it’s still good to see a suspense movie with a happy ending.

Right now, Last Seen Alive is available on Netflix.


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