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Which Dinosaur Has 500 Teeth? Find Out Now!

Recently, there has been a massive increase in the search for which dinosaur has 500 teeth. However, this rise in curiosity isn’t for archeological reasons, but for a reason more surprising. Learn all about the dinosaur with 500 teeth and why it has become so popular!

The Dinosaur popularly known for possessing up to 500 teeth in its jaws is the Nigersaurus. Let’s learn more about this exciting dinosaur and what makes it so popular on the internet.

Everything to know about the Nigersaurus, the dinosaur with 500 teeth

Scientific name: Nigersaurus
Place of discoveryAlgeria, Niger, Tunisia
TaxonomyDinosauria, Saurischia, Sauropod
When it livedEarly Cretaceous, 121-99 million years ago

The generic name Nigersaurus refers to a “Niger reptile,” while the specific name “taqueti” honors Philippe Taquet, a French paleontologist who discovered the first bones in 1976.

It was discovered in Niger’s Gadoufaua region, in the Elrhaz Formation. Nigersaurus was a rebbachisaurid sauropod dinosaur that existed in the Cretaceous epoch between 115 and 105 million years ago.

“Nigersaurus lived in a lush environment alongside the predatory dinosaur suchomimus, the plant eaters ouranosaurus and lurdusaurus, and supercroc.

“This bizarre, long-necked dinosaur is characterized by its unusually broad, straight-edged muzzle tipped with more than 500 replaceable teeth.

“The original fossil skull of Nigersaurus is one of the first dinosaur skulls to be digitally reconstructed from CT scans.”

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How do they look and behave?

Which Dinosaur Has 500 Teeth? Find Out Now!

Nigersaurus had a delicate head and a mouth that was exceptionally large, lined with teeth that were specifically designed for eating plants near to the ground.

The exceptionally large, straight-edged nose of this long-necked dinosaur, capped with more than 500 interchangeable teeth, distinguishes it.

Nigersaurus’ original fossil skull was one of the first dinosaur skulls to be digitally rebuilt using CT scans.

The 30-foot omnivore would have swum across the lush marshes of what is now the Sahara Desert.

It featured a tiny, unique head and a broad mouth lined with 500 thin teeth, which were specifically specialized for browsing close-to-the-ground vegetation.

This dinosaur was a tiny quadruped dinosaur with a small skull, short neck, large hind legs, and a pronounced tail, similar in size to a current African elephant. Its cranium was designed for eating, with big fenestrae and thin bones.

Nigersaurus had a large snout with approximately 500 teeth, which were replaced every 14 days or so. The Nigersaurus has dark skin with a paler underbelly as its basic DNA.

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Why is the ‘Dinosaur with 500 teeth’ Gaining Popularity?

Which Dinosaur Has 500 Teeth? Find Out Now!

Those who Google the question will find Nigersaurus as the result. The joke-turned-meme has gone viral on Reddit and other social media sites.

On the site, juvenile pranksters are attempting to shock unsuspecting internet users by implying that the name sounds close to the N-word.

In September of this year, a warning against doing the search began to circulate. “Whatever you do, don’t google ‘dinosaur with 500 teeth,'” a Reddit user – who has since deactivated their account – said in /r/teenagers.

Countless memes have been developed since then, with captions like “Do not search for a dinosaur with 500 teeth. My biggest blunder “, Others, like the remark “OK dinosaur with 500 teeth,” appear to have exploited the meme as a euphemism for the racist slur itself.

However, The ‘Niger’ in Nigersaurus is a direct reference to the country Niger (second-largest landlocked country in West Africa) where the remains were discovered, not anything else. The popular belief that the racial N-word is included in this dinosaur’s name is completely false.

How Is Nigersaurus pronounced?

The dinosaur Nigersaurus can be easily pronounced as Nee – jer – saw – rus.

Learn All About the Teeth of the Nigersaurus

Which Dinosaur Has 500 Teeth? Find Out Now!

Scientists may deduce not only the number of teeth on a prehistoric animal, what the dinosaur ate, but also how it ate and how it interacted with the other animals and plants in its habitat, by examining the size, shape, curvature, wear, and several other features of teeth.

The majority of dinosaurs replace their teeth relatively quickly, with some adults replacing hundreds of teeth throughout their lifespan.

As the crowns of the teeth are shed, new teeth emerge to take their place, and the tooth’s root is absorbed. As a result, dissociated dinosaur teeth lacking crowns may be found in abundance in the fossil record.

Rooted teeth are far more unusual, as the root of a tooth is relatively delicate, and the tooth would have to be extracted from an animal’s skull after death. Unruptured teeth are also discovered on occasion.

Because these teeth never went through the animal’s gum tissues when it was alive, they exhibit no signs of eating wear.

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FAQ about the Nigersaurus

Which Dinosaur Has 500 Teeth? Find Out Now!

Where was the Dinosaur with 500 teeth discovered?

It was discovered in the Elrhaz Formation in the Republic of Niger’s Gadoufaoua region.

This dinosaur’s bones were originally discovered and reported in 1976, but it wasn’t called Nigersaurus taqueti until 1999 after more complete remains were discovered and described.

Why is the dinosaur with 500 teeth called Nigersaurus?

Nigersaurus (also known as the 500-toothed dinosaur) was a genus of rebbachisaurid sauropod dinosaur that lived between 115 and 105 million years ago during the middle Cretaceous era. The genus name means “Niger reptile,” and the specific name honors Philippe Taquet, the paleontologist who found the first bones.

Which Dinosaur Has 500 Teeth Memes

A lot of memes have popped out about the dinosaur with 500 teeth due to the public belief of its affiliation with the popular N-word. While this may be false, some of the memes have already seen global circulation across various social media handles. Here are some ‘which dinosaur has 500 teeth meme’ (Note: some may be offensive).

Which Dinosaur Has 500 Teeth? Find Out Now!
Don't Google Which Dinosaur Had 500 Teeth | Know Your Meme
Which Dinosaur Has 500 Teeth? Find Out Now!
Which Dinosaur Has 500 Teeth? Find Out Now!
Which Dinosaur Has 500 Teeth? Find Out Now!

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