In the Amazon series “Reacher,” which is based on the first Reacher novel from 1997, Tom Cruise plays the title character. However, some fans were sceptical that Cruise would be good enough for the role. Instead, they chose a younger actor, Alan Ritchson, who played the character of Hawk in “Titans.” At the age of 39, Ritchson is still a youngster.

The first movie in the series is based on the ninth book in the Jack Reacher book series. The movie adaptations are based on the eleventh and eighteenth books in the overall Jack Ranger chronology.

The series is currently available on Amazon Prime Video. You can watch the entire series on the streaming service. You can also read the novels. The newest Jack Reacher book will be available on the platform on February 4.

In the first film, Reacher meets his grandfather, who was a furniture restorer in Paris. Laurent Moutier joined the French Army at the age of 30.

He was wounded during World War I and later returned home to make wooden legs for the war wounded. He later died at the age of 90 and Jack was very proud of his grandfather. The two movies are similar, but the second has a more mature tone.

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