Which names are forbidden in Islam

Are You part of our muslim friends asking which names are forbidden in Islam ? This writeup will help you identify some few names that you should avoid giving to your new born child.

Names are the commonest way to identify someone, Names also play a great role in our personalities and can go as far as even influencing our Lifestyle and Career paths so.

There are many names out there to choose from and parents are at liberty to choose which one they preferred to call their new born babies but when it comes to the Islamic Religion there are names that are considered as Haram and as such forbidden.

According to Islamic tradition, a Muslim may not be given any of given any of the 99 names of God in the exact same form. Any name that is an attribute of Allah is not permitted to be used for naming kids, except by adding “Abdul” before it.

In this case it’s prohibited to name your Child Rahman as it should instead be ‘Abdul Rahman’ which means sub-ordinate of Rahman.

The following names are highly regarded as Haram in Islam with the perception that they indicate servitude to other than Allah.

  1. Ijazah.
  2. Ijma.
  3. Ijtihad.
  4. Ikhtilaf.
  5. Istihlal.
  6. Istihsan.
  7. Istishab.
  8. Madhhab

Aside this names which should also be avoided by Muslims are the names of tyrants and despots like: Fir’awn, Qaroon, Abu Jahl and the likes, also the names of the leaders of Kufr and the heads of atheism such as Marx, Lenin among others is prohibited since using their names would mean that one was pleased with their actions and would mean imitation of them, while also developing love of their systems of thought.

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