Whitemoney goes down on his knees to thank God after flying outside Nigeria for the very first time

The Grace of God doesn’t discriminate neither the mercies of God. His Blessings also don’t respect time and place. No matter who you are once His Grace locates you, you are qualified and good to go. We all need Grace someway, somehow.

In God’s Garden of Grace even broken trees bear fruits. God has no useless or giftless children and He can use anybody to achieve anything irrespective of what they think of themselves.

Following his unique performance at the BB Naija Season 6, Whitemoney was crowned as the winner of the reality show. It was all joyous when he was announced as the winner.

As promised by the organizers, the winner will get the opportunity to travel outside of the country. And truly they have honored their pledge.

Whitemoney, as a young man hasn’t travelled outside of his home country before and upon arrival in Dubai, this guy couldn’t hide his emotions but went straight on his knees to thank the Almighty father for his grace and magnanimity.

In demonstrating his gratitude, he lifted up his hands sang praises to his name while kneeling.  The winner is presently in Dubai for a music festival.

You can watch the video below

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