Aaron Josef Hernandez[b] was an American football tight end and convicted killer who died on April 19, 2017, on November 6, 1989.

He spent three seasons with the New England Patriots in the National Football League (NFL), but his playing days were cut short when he was arrested and found guilty of killing Odin Lloyd.

Who are Aarron Hernandez family?

Hernandez was the son of Terri and Dennis Hernandez. His dad passed away in 2006 at the age of 49.

Hernandez grew up on Greystone Avenue after being born in Bristol, Connecticut, on November 6, 1989. He was the son of Terri Valentine-Hernandez, an Italian, and Dennis Hernandez, a Puerto Rican. [9]. As an adult, his mother frequently threw his father out of the house but would always let him back in. 1986 saw their wedding, 1991 saw their divorce, and 1996 saw their second marriage. They declared bankruptcy in 1991. In a later interview, Hernandez claimed that there was frequent fighting in the house. [9]. Throughout their lives, both of their parents would get into trouble and get arrested.

Dennis Jonathan Jr., also known as D.J., was Hernandez’s elder brother.

[9] While encouraging them to succeed, notably in athletics, their father frequently mistreated both the boys and their mother.

[10] Although Hernandez’s father frequently beat him and his brother because he thought they weren’t trying hard enough in school or sports, there were instances when the beatings were done for no apparent reason or because of drinking.

Both D.J. and Hernandez revered and lived in constant fear of their father.

] Hernandez’s coach once thought that Hernandez’s father had attacked him when he arrived at school with a bruise around his eye. A disagreement over coaching techniques led to his father once punching Hernandez’s youth football coach.

Publicly, their father portrayed himself as a man who had run-ins with the law in the past but had changed his ways to become a responsible parent and citizen. Dennis passed away in January 2006, when Hernandez was 16 years old, as a result of hernia surgery complications.

According to his mother, Hernandez was deeply impacted by the passing of his father and channeled his sorrow into defiance of authority figures. Those who knew him say he never recovered from the loss of his father.

After being separated from his mother, Hernandez moved to live primarily with his older cousin, Tanya Singleton.] The family found out Terri Hernandez and Singleton’s husband, Jeff Cummings, had an adulterous relationship after Dennis’ passing.

Singleton and Cummings separated once the affair was made public, and Cummings moved in with Terri.

Hernandez was “outraged” by this. Hernandez’s involvement in crime increased when he was living with Singleton.

He claimed during a conversation in a jailhouse that his mother, Terri, failed to get him ADHD medicine, which was the reason he claimed he had trouble in school.

He told her over the phone, “There are so many topics I would love to discuss with you in order for you to get to know me better as a person.” But I was unable to inform you. And you’re going to pass away before you ever meet your son. “

His brother D.J. claims that Hernandez was also sexually raped as a child.

When Hernandez was six years old and for several years after, a teenage boy in his babysitter’s home forced him to have oral sex with him.

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