Who are Brittany and Bethany Lee? Twins who threatened to blow up a gas station were sentenced to three years in prison.

When the law enforcement officers arrived on the scene, the twins threatened to “set themselves alight” if the government approached too closely.

Brittany and Bethany Lee, identical twins, aged 23, were recently sentenced to 3 years and 9 months in prison by Canterbury Crown Court after making threats to blow up an Esso gas station and commit suicide during a confrontation with the police.

The two sisters set fire to the Canterbury petrol station on Sturry Street on April 10, 2022, by pouring fuel on themselves.

Sonia Loja left a terrifying note after a triple homicide-suicide saying, “Sorry Pedro, I take my children with me.”

According to the Daily Mail, on Friday, July 29, 2022, the women were introduced to the court and the prosecutor, Vishal Misra, explained how the twins intended to commit themselves and blow up the petrol station. According to Misra, the two told the police how they solved the problem by using a cell phone number. He said that Bethany Lee had previously said that she intended to set the Esso filling station and herself on fire.

When the police came 20 minutes later, the twins allegedly threatened to “set themselves alight” if they got too close, according to testimony provided in court. According to Misra, Bethany was once seen attempting to put out a lighter. In contrast, the twins managed to get away once the light broke down, and after a brief chase, they were caught.

They were previously unable to witness the horrific CCTV images of the twins’ crime. A video of Bethany and Brittany pouring gasoline over themselves while intoxicated for around five minutes before screaming at the cops was shown in court. Mark Weekes said, “You run the chance of killing yourself, of killing the other sister, or of maiming yourself, or the other sister, or of maiming other people in the gas station.” The two made sure that only residual gas was released from the nozzles by keeping the workers at the gas station waiting for about 5 minutes before they really turned off the pumps.

The bodycam video, which was also introduced in court, showed the arresting law enforcement officers pursuing and apprehending the women after smelling a “strong gas scent.” Brittany made a request to leave the courtroom since the matter continued. According to the evidence presented in court, Bethany has 14 convictions for 26 offenses, and Brittany has 26 convictions for 54 offenses. All of these convictions involved relatively insignificant charges, like being drunk and unruly.

Make a decision about This is a “desire to draw in thought,” according to Mark Weekes.

According to Judge Mark Weekes, the twins’ movements were “primarily a need to realize consideration.” He persisted, saying, “It will have to have been an enormously terrifying length of time for all involved.” Bethany’s attorney, Phil Rowley, stated that his client submitted a guilty plea at the earliest opportunity and that she had a “troubling and challenging early childhood.”

Rowley’s remarks were supported by Charlotte Oliver, Brittany’s attorney, who noted that the sisters had formed “a poisonous partnership.” The twins acknowledged trying to start a fire without thinking about whether or not someone’s life was in danger.

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