Charles Cullen is an American serial killer who confessed to murdering up to forty patients during his sixteen-year career as a nurse in New Jersey.

Charles was married to kids before his crimes came to light. Find out about Charles’ family in this article.

Who Is Charles Cullen’s Wife, Adrianne Baum?

Charles Cullen was married to Adrianne Baum.

The couple met in 1987 while Charles working at Saint Barnabas Medical Unit in Livingston. They got married later that year.

Not much can be said about Adrianne Baum. She likes to keep a low profile. Baum is only known for being the ex-wife of Charles.

Why Did Charles Cullen and His Wife Divorce?

During the divorce filing, Adrianne stated extreme cruelty as the reason for the divorce. She also said Charles had anger issues.

Baum stated that “I was awakened many nights by the screams of these dogs. Charlie was in the basement “training’ and beating them if they did not listen to him.”

In 1993 she filed a restraining order against him based on her fear that he might endanger her and their two children.

Who Are Charles Cullen’s Children?

Charles Cullen had two daughters from her marriage with Adrianne Baum. His older daughter is called Shaun. The identity of her other daughter is not known.

There is no information regarding the daughter of Charles Cullen. They like to keep a low profile.

Where Are Charles Cullen’s Children Now?

There is no information on the current whereabouts of Charles Cullen’s children. After his wife left with the, following their divorce, not nothing has been heard about them yet.

Her older daughter is currently 35 years. She was born in 1987. There is no information regarding her younger daughter.

Where Is Adrianne Baum Now?

After her husband’s crimes came to light, Baum left with her children. Not much has been heard about them since then.

When she was last confronted by the media, she said, “Leave my family and children out of it. I have nothing to say.”

What Happened To Charles Cullen?

On March 2, 2006, Cullen was sentenced to eleven consecutive life sentences by Judge Armstrong in New Jersey, and he is not eligible for parole until 2388.

Currently, he is held at New Jersey State Prison in Trenton.

Is “The Good Nurse” On Netflix Based On A True Story?

The Good Nurse was adapted from the 2013 book by Charles Graeber — The Good Nurse: A True Story of Medicine, Madness, and Murder.

The story is based on Charles’ life. Charles’s character is played by Eddie Redmayne.


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