Malia Obama and her new boyfriend, Dawit Eklund, demonstrate that they are a true couple after two outings when they respected each other’s personal space while ambling around Los Angeles.

The couple’s third outing together in the past nine days took place on Thursday morning when they visited the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

She was also wearing a crop top that highlighted her trim waist, along with exposed green leggings. Dawit was dressed in a green pair of shorts, a pink t-shirt, and a pair of shorts bearing a portrait of the late Bob Marley.

Who Are Jon Eklund and Yeshi Eklund, Dawit Eklund’s Parents?

Dawit Eklund was raised by former State Department employee Jon Eklund and Ethiopian-born Yeshi Eklund. Both of them worked for several American embassies in Africa.

One of the four children, Dawit, is transliterated as David. The musician’s parents have always supported his musical endeavors and frequently attend his performances.

Jon, 72, was a key player in helping the refugees during the early 2000s Sudanese conflict, when hundreds of thousands fled to Ethiopia to escape the bloodshed.

Yeshi, 66, is an accomplished businessman of Ethiopian ancestry. Her sister, Sara Eklund, who introduced menstrual cups to Ethiopia, was included in a 2019 Vogue article, according to Page Six reports.

Even though they also own a home in the Washington, D.C. neighborhood of Chantilly, Virginia, the Eklunds have made Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire, their permanent home since Jon’s retirement.

(Job and Net Worth of Malia Obama’s New Boyfriend, Dawit Eklund

In Washington, D.C., producer Dawit Eklund, also known as Malia Obama’s boyfriend, is well known for making music that is appropriate for warehouse parties.

Eklund, a key member of the city’s electronic label and group 1432 R, is skilled at making beats that seem easy but are actually highly complicated, according to the Daily Mail.

His net worth has increased to $1 million or more. Additionally, the album’s opening single, “New Life,” is the ideal ode to dancing in the mist on foggy mornings.

A swinging melody and chattering polyrhythms make up the majority of the song. However, Dawit made a few nice additions that gave it a solid, homemade look.

Dawit Eklund’s Ethnicity and Family History

Dawit Eklund, an African-American citizen of the country, has Ethiopian ancestry.

Eklund, an Ethiopian-born and -bred lady who turns 33 next week, is nine years younger than the daughter of a former American president. He is a registered Democrat as well.

He finished his studies at the International Community School in Addis Abeba, the capital of Ethiopia, before registering at George Washington University to pursue a degree in international development in Africa.

Dawit is younger-looking than Barack Obama and smokes, a habit the 44th president has acknowledged was difficult to break.

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