Local Limericker Niamh De Brun won Miss Kilkenny 2017 before becoming well-known as one of Ireland’s top powerhouses.

She works with Kilkenny-based drug company AbbVie as a Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist.

Her reputation is typically upheld by her creative blog, and she uses her Instagram feed to keep followers updated on her daily activities.

Niamh raves about her boyfriend and their adorable dog Casper in her design articles, but she also offers a few complex concepts.

Who Are the Parents of Niamh De Brun? The parents of the design blogger from Limerick were. Her mother, Brid De Brun, has about 49 followers on Instagram under the handle @brid debrun. The confidential setting on her profile is enabled.

But no one knows what her dad’s name is either. She has nonetheless uploaded images of them on virtual entertainment along with the quote “Time is the best present you can give an individual.”

Furthermore, Niamh’s fashionable images, which feature everything from casual attire to sophisticated ensembles, neutral tones to obvious sprinkles of diversity, garner a lot of favors.

In April 2021, Niamh and her better half TJ donated roughly €10,000 to the Milford Care Center in Limerick, Niamh’s hometown.

As a hospice continuous office, Milford Care Center offers a wide range of neighborhood services. These include nursing facilities, daycare centers for elderly people and those in need of palliative care, and in-home hospice care.

Blogger of fashion Niamh De Brun and her partner TJ Reid reside together in Ballyhale. Niamh and her better half TJ Reid reside in a lovely farm house near Ballyhale, which is close enough for TJ to carry out his meticulous preparation schedule and for Niamh to drive to Kilkenny for work.

They have been together for nearly seven years. In March 2019, he made a proposal to the influential person in Cork, Ireland.

Given that Niamh and TJ had to repeatedly postpone their pre-marriage ceremony, it took some effort on her part for her to move down the path.

When they first started dating in 2019, they intended to get married in December, but the pandemic forced them to postpone their nuptials until November of 2021.

Finally, the pair exchanged vows at the Holy Trinity Abbey Church in Adare County, Limerick, on November 26, 2021. Niamh is currently halfway through the couple’s most memorable pregnancy, which was discovered last month.

Powerhouse Compared to her partner, Niamh De Brun is younger Reid, TJ As of this composition, Niamh appears to be a few years younger than her friend TJ Reid, who is 34 years old. The design powerhouse’s exact age is unknown, however it is generally thought that she is in her mid-30s.

She also shared a photo from her birthday celebration from 2016, revealing that her birthday is on March 5.

On November 16, 1987, Thomas Joseph Reid was also born in Waterford, Irelan.

The newlyweds’ combined net worth is in the millions. Given that they both have successful careers, TJ and Niamh may potentially have total assets in the millions of dollars. They don’t reveal how much money they actually make or how wealthy they are.

The couple is also said to live together in an exquisite country manor. The house features a large lobby, a grand staircase, a modern kitchen, and a parlor with windows overlooking the open countryside and a cozy block chimney.

Niamh, a fashion blogger, is also a senior ability procurement subject matter expert for the pharmaceutical company AbbVie. In addition to working as a professional thrower, TJ also works as a dairy farmer, a manager of a recreation center, and a fitness instructor.

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