1000 LB SISTERS stars, Tammy and Amy Slaton have both had their fair shares of romance since stepping into the spotlight.

The TLC Network’s 1000-lb Sisters began on January 1, 2020, and follows the Slaton Sisters’ struggles with obesity and their efforts to find love.

Who are Amy and Tammy dating?

While Amy Slaton’s love life remains a secret to viewers, Tammy Slaton’s relationships are prominent in 1000-lb Sisters.
Tammy introduced her lover at the time, Jerry Sykes, to the audience when the program first aired on the TLC Network.
When it was discovered that Jerry was married, there was a lot of drama surrounding Tammy and Jerry.
The Sun exclusively shared Kia Russell-Rucker Sykes’ thoughts on her husband Jerry’s relationship with girlfriend Tammy.
The wife told The Sun, “We are married, but we are not together since he went on that program.”
Jerry’s wife claimed, “He warned me if I [file for divorce], he wouldn’t sign the paperwork.”

Who are Amy and Tammy dating?
Who are Amy and Tammy dating? Image source: Times News Network

Is Tammy Slaton in a new relationship?

Before the conclusion of season two of the program, Tammy left her relationship with Jerry and went to treatment for food addiction.
According to an episode on December 20, 2021, Tammy is dating a new man called Phillip.
Tammy and Phillip admitted on television that they were in a committed relationship, despite the fact that they were not engaged.
Phillip is known as the “BBW” (Big Beautiful Ladies) King on social media, and he openly admits to having a soft spot for plus-size women that weigh more than 300 pounds.
Tammy abandoned Phillip on December 18, 2021, claiming she was “tired of arguing with him.”

Why are fans concerned about Tammy?

Fans expressed worry about Tammy when she was shown smoking, taking shots, and eating pizza while on an oxygen machine after electing to leave food addiction treatment earlier than planned in a clip from a forthcoming episode.

Tammy confessed in a clip from the reality show’s most recent episode, titled “Moving on Up and Partying on Down,” which was published on Instagram. We’ve just been drinking and vaping… I didn’t go out partying as a teenager.

I was quite self-conscious about my weight, and I didn’t have many friends. “

She said, “But I’ve reached a point where I don’t give a damn. I’m going to be myself.

“We don’t eat healthily because, for me, if I eat pizza or pizza rolls, the bread absorbs the booze and the oil keeps us from being too hungover.”

Following the video’s publication, viewers flocked to the comments section to voice their displeasure, with one writing: “It’s time to cancel the show.” She is unconcerned about her health.

“It seems like we’re seeing her die, even from the snippets I’ve watched.”

Another has been added: “How’s it doing with the oxygen in your nose when you’re vaping? She is unconcerned about her own existence. “

One went so far as to publicly criticize her pals, writing: “They don’t get along. They function as both users and enablers. Tammy, you need to disconnect from television and social media in order to concentrate on getting well.

Nobody wants to see you not give it you’re all! “

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