Who Inherited Ben Johnson Estate?

The late actor, Ben Johnson, was born in Jamaica. He won an Academy Award for his role as Sam the Lion in the 1971 Western The Last Picture Show. He also had a colorful life, including a legal battle with his six children following his death in 1983. In fact, his brother beat out two major New York auction houses to sell his estate. However, that doesn’t mean he won’t fight for his share of the estate.

One of the biggest costs of administering an estate is the cost of commissions to lawyers and personal representatives. During Ben Johnson’s lifetime, he starred in over 70 films and TV shows. This estate was a significant influence on his life, so the estate tax is a big part of the process. However, the estate taxes are not the only costs. You can expect to pay as much as 40% in estate taxes.

Another question that has popped up recently is who inherited Ben Johnson’s estate. The estate is located in Western Kentucky near the city of Washington. Jonson was the son of a real estate expert. He died in 1693. While he did not have children, his father left him a sizable estate. While his estate is worth an estimated $800 million, the question of who inherited Ben Johnson’s estate is a major one. In the meantime, Rita Johnson-Greene, a real estate developer, is reportedly the recipient of the rest of his father’s estate.

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