Who Inherited Florence Foster Jenkins Estate?

Who inherited Florence Foster Jenkins’s estate? The first question on everyone’s mind is: How did she end up with so much money? In the 1930s, Jenkins received a sizable inheritance from her mother and immediately used the money to get active in cultural clubs in New York. She also continued to pursue her dream of becoming an opera singer. During her lifetime, she gave numerous performances for various groups including the Verdi Club, where she sang arias and opera songs. The club’s members were very enthusiastic about her singing and she continued to do live performances well into the 1940s.

In 1909, Florence’s father died and left her a large sum of money in quarterly installments. The money allowed her to pursue a career in singing and eventually marry the famous stage actor St. Clair Bayfield. The heirs of this estate were able to pay off Florence’s apartment by providing her with a manager. The couple later married in 1931 and had a son, Michael.

Her marriage to St. Clair Bayfield was a symbolic one. In their wedding, Florence presented her wedding ring to her new husband. She also gave him a gold ring with a blue stone. She wore this ring on her left hand. Their marriage was common law. In the years following her death, her estate was worth an estimated $6,000. However, it’s not clear how much Florence’s estate actually went to her estate.

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