Who Inherited Freddie Mercury Net Worth?

Freddie Mercury left more than $50 million to his four bandmates when he died of Aids in 1991. Among these people are Brian May, who is worth over $50 million, and his longtime partner Mary Austin, who is also worth more than $50 million. But who is the true heir to this legacy? Here’s an in-depth look at the money left by the late rock star. He had two sons with Miss Austin, one of whom is a successful businesswoman.

In 1991, Freddie Mercury left his estate to his girlfriend Mary Austin, who had a long-term relationship with the late singer. Mary Austin was one of the most significant figures in his life. Freddie also left her half of his wealth, 50% of his Queen royalties, and the responsibility of burying his body. The rest went to his parents. Freddie Mercury also left PS500,000 to a friend, Hutton, who took care of him while he was dying.

In addition to his two children, Freddie Mercury also left his estate to his muse Mary Austin. During the years that Mercury was in the public eye, Mary Austin worked as an assistant for Freddie. The two met at a fashion boutique in London called Biba, which was an official center for the Swing London movement. The two remained friends for the rest of their lives, and Mary and Freddie eventually married.

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