Who Inherited From Hugh Hefner Besides His Four Children?

Who inherited From Hugh Hefner besides his four children? Despite speculations about his will, it’s clear that the former playboy star left behind a significant estate. Besides his Playboy brand, Hefner also owned a magazine, $36 million in stock, and $6 million in a joint account with a stranger. Regardless of the inheritance distribution, his four children will each receive significant amounts of money.

Cooper Hefner is the youngest of Hefner’s children, and he is the Chief Creative Officer of Playboy Enterprises. Currently 26, Cooper Hefner is expected to receive millions of dollars from his father’s estate. In his will, Hefner promised to leave his estate to four children and to the University of Southern California film school, as well as to various charities. Cooper Hefner also signed an ironclad prenup with his mother, Crystal Hefner, who was his longtime Playmate.

Crystal Hefner, who was married to Hefner when he died, received a large payout. She inherited $7 million in cash from the estate and also had a $5 million house in Hollywood Hills. Neither she nor her sister Christie have commented on the matter. She has made her social media accounts private, but she has not commented on the death of her father. Although her current net worth is unknown, it’s believed to be between $5 million and $10 million.

His first marriage was to Mildred Williams. They were married for seven years. They had two children together. Hefner remarried Kimberley Conrad, a 37-year-old actress. In 1990, they divorced. In 1989, the couple had another child, David Hefner. Hefner’s third marriage to Holly Madison was arranged. Hefner also had two daughters.

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