Who Inherited Hugh Hefner’s Money?

Who inherited Hugh Hefner’S money? The Playboy magnate died of natural causes at age 91. His name was synonymous with Playboy, the brand of adult magazines that features bunnies and rabbit heads. While he was not known for his generosity, his wealth was enormous. His family and friends were left with some big questions about inheritance. Read on to learn more. If you’re wondering who inherited Hugh Hefner’s money, here are some facts that will help.

It’s estimated that the late actor had a net worth of around $50 million. According to his pre-nuptial agreement, his three sons and daughter-in-law received their share. Hefner also left the property to his wife, actress Debbie Harris. This would suggest that her family is receiving at least $7 million from the estate. It’s not clear exactly how much of the estate will go to the children of the three wives.

After the death of Hefner, Crystal Harris was entitled to seven million dollars in cash and a $5 million Hollywood Hills home. The estate of Hefner’s money went to his children, a college and a number of charities, and the Playboy brand and Playboy magazine were also part of his will. In addition to his money, Crystal Harris received a house in Hollywood Hills that Hefner had bought for her. Her home was eventually sold for $5 million and she has yet to comment.

The Playboy brand and the Playboy magazine were worth around $200 million at the height of its popularity. By the turn of the millennium, Hefner had a stake of $399 million in the Playboy brand. By Hefner’s death, his stake was down to 35% of the company and he sold off the other half of the brand. Although his money was not made public, his children and their children got a large portion of it.

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