Who Inherited Ida Wood’s Fortune?

Ida Wood was 93 years old when she died of heart failure. She had been living at the Herald Square Hotel for several years and was nearly blind and partially deaf. She was severely malnourished and lived on pennies a day. Her only food was toast and condensed milk, and she was constantly afraid of being robbed. Her husband, Benjamin Wood, was a well-connected businessman, and his brother was a mayor of the city. He was reasonably attractive, and he was married to his second wife.

Wood’s second wife, Ida, was a successful plantation owner, and she hid her heritage to take advantage of her husband’s wealth. She also lied about her background, saying she was the daughter of an English earl. She even met US President Abraham Lincoln and danced with the Prince of England in 1860. However, he married Ida when his first wife died, and the two had a son.

In addition to Benjamin Wood’s inheritance, Ida’s sister inherited the entire fortune, too. Despite Benjamin’s lack of funds, Ida was willing to keep his money safe. When Benjamin couldn’t pay bills, he put his property in Ida’s name. However, he demanded money in exchange for controlling interest in the newspaper. Ida was a wealthy woman, but what happened to her money?

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