Who Inherited James Brown Money?

If you are wondering, “Who inherited James Brown money?” you have come to the right place. You have just read the story of the artist and his fortune. But do you know who actually got it? If you are one of the people who are interested in his fortune, you must know all the details. Listed below are the details of the estate of the legendary musician. In addition to the details of his money, you will also learn how much Hynie received.

Although there are many complicated legal issues surrounding the estate of James Brown, the star’s children are often the ones who are left with all the money. His estate was distributed among his adult children and charities, but the daughters found a loophole to swindle the money out of their father’s will. Originally, they claimed that their mother, Tommie Raue Hynie, was entitled to inherit the money, but it was later discovered that she was married to another man. So, she was disqualified from influencing the estate.

The estate of James Brown is split between two trusts for the benefit of the children of the late singer. The first trust only covers the sum of $2 million, while the second trust handles the bulk of the estate. The last trust also includes the songwriting copyrights. It’s unclear if the estate will divide its money between the two trusts. While this is good news for the children, it’s important to note that the estate of James Brown is still in litigation.

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