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Who inherited Jimmy Dean’s fortune?

Jimmy Dean, the American Country music singer’s net worth was 50 million dollars in 2010 when he died at age 81 according to Celebrity Net Worth.

According to some unknown sources, the Texas-born and bred singer had not willed any of his fortunes to anyone when he died so all his gains were left in the care of his father under the intestate law.

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Some sources also have it that most of the estates, companies, and other wealth of the Country Singer and T.V. personality were acquired by his second wife he married, Donna Meade after he divorced his first wife, Mary Sue in 1990. Jimmy and Mary married for 40 years (1950-1990), they birthed two sons, Robert and Garry, and a daughter, Connie.

Currently, Donna Meade is the one managing the Dean Family Estate, she also resides in Virginia in one of the estates of Jimmy where he was buried. She said in an interview that she promised to look after the Estates and maintain them well for JimmyJimmy Dean and his brother, Don, were the founders of Jimmy Dean Sausage Company, which was later renamed Sara Lee after he sold the company to Sara Lee Corporation in 1984 for $80 million.

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