Who Inherited Karen Carpenters Money?

Upon her death, Karen Carpenter left her parents and brother Richard as equal beneficiaries of her estate. In her will, Carpenter also named Richard as executor. However, this document does not list how much the singer left behind. The estate is estimated at five to ten million dollars. Carpenter teamed up with Richard in the 1970s, becoming a popular duet. She died of undetermined causes in February. Her cause of death is unknown, but an autopsy was conducted and tests are ongoing to determine the cause of her death. She suffered cardiac arrest and died in hospital.

The estate is still a mystery for many. Karen Carpenter’s will had been revised after numerous legal challenges, but she did not remove Thomas Burris as the sole inheritor of the marital home. Thomas Burris has remained out of the public eye for nearly four decades, and many believe he may be the missing link. Who inherited Karen Carpenters money?? becomes a central question in the death of Karen Carpenter.

Although Karen Carpenter’s will is public record, it is possible to obtain a copy of it legally. This copy also contains the clerk stamps. Although Karen was still legally married, she amended her will to give Richard her house. Once her fame started paying off, she and Richard made some interesting investment decisions. Richard Carpenter was so successful, he named two apartment buildings after his wife, “Close to You” and “Only Just Begun.”

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