Who Inherited Kenny Rogers Net Worth?

Who inherited Kenny Rogers’ net worth? is one of the most-asked questions of celebrity biographies. His wife, Wanda Miller Rogers, stayed by his side for nearly three decades. Together, they had two boys, twins, in 2004. Wanda’s parents, who were friends of his, even re-married after Kenny died of cancer. Their sons are now eight and five years old.

After his commercial peak, Rogers continued to perform on a smaller scale. He married again and raised his two youngest children while continuing to tour. His death in March 2020 left his widow with enough money to sustain herself and her children for a few more years. The singer’s widow, however, was left with the burden of deciding how to disperse his money, as her husband did not leave a will.

He had five marriages in his life. His first marriage was to Janice Gordon, but they divorced two years later. He then married Jean in 1960. The couple divorced in 1963. His third marriage, to Margo Anderson, lasted three years. She divorced him in 1976. His fourth wife, Marianne Rogers, was his fourth wife for 17 years. Her divorce cost him $60 million.

During his career, Rogers built a successful 425-restaurant chain that eventually closed everywhere except for Asia. He had no licensing fees for his name. The singer’s net worth was estimated to be in the billions. Rogers left his wife and five adult children behind. His fourth divorce, filed in 1993, resulted in the payout of $60 million to his five-year-old son, Kenny Rogers Jr.

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