Who Inherited Notorious Big Money?

Who inherited Notorious Big money? is a question that has plagued hip-hop fans ever since the rapper died in 1997. Notorious’ estate was divided among his family members and the children he left behind. The other half went to producers and to the foundation. However, rumors have it that the late rapper’s money was split between his sisters. This is a question that has remained unanswered by the time of its release.

The deceased rap icon had a net worth of $10 million, and his estate was managed by his wife Faith Evans and attorney Michael Voletta. His legacy was further divided between his parents. The money from the Notorious biopic, merchandise sales, and his many record releases were all instrumental in the amount of money Biggie left behind. Moreover, Tupac’s death spawned more sales of his music, generating 53 million records in the process.

Despite the controversy surrounding his death, a new biography on Notorious BIG reveals his wealth of $10 million. The estate also helped produce a documentary film about the life of the deceased rap icon. Biggie’s legacy lives on in the minds of fans and the media alike. The question remains, “Who inherited Notorious Big’s money?”

Faith Evans is the second person to inherit Biggie’s net worth. Faith Evans, Biggie’s wife, inherited $10 million from Biggie. Biggie’s net worth at death was estimated at $10 million. Faith’s wealth has been disputed, and there are no official reports. However, there are rumors that Faith was cheated by her husband, and her sister Faith Evans inherited Biggie’s share of the estate.

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