Who Inherited Peter Allen’s Estate?

If you are curious about the inheritance of Peter Allen’s estate, you’ve come to the right place. There are several ways to inherit his wealth, and we will look at each one below. First, consider his lifestyle. Dr. Allen loved to travel and spent a lot of time in his country. He was a member of the famous songwriting group, the Songwriters. The estate of Peter Allen was not large, but it was still significant.

The estate of Peter Allen consists of his two houses, both located in Leucadia. He died in his beach house in June 1992. His funeral was held a few days later, and his ashes were scattered in the ocean near his house. His daughter, Liza Minelli, also inherited a large portion of his estate. Afterward, the heirs to his estate have a difficult time deciding what to do with it.

His son Peter was born in Australia and raised in Hong Kong. He was adopted by Judy Garland in Hong Kong in 1964, but they grew apart over time. His daughter Liza Minnelli was the first to see the couple on stage. After a disastrous performance in Melbourne, the two actors performed on TV. In Hong Kong, they were discovered by Judy Garland. His wife, Judy Garland, was a fan of the songwriting duo.

Although Peter Allen’s estate is large and difficult to manage, it’s important to remember that he left a living trust with his sister Jody. She served as his trustee, and inherited his estate. Her role was to maintain his vision and implement it. She also managed the house’s restaurant, where he hosted many of his famous patients. In addition to his children, Jody Allen’s estate also left behind a large number of real estate assets.

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