Who Inherited Rush Limbaugh’s Millionaire Fortune?

Who inherited Rush Limbaugh’s millionaire fortune? Many media outlets are asking the same question: Who inherited Rush’s money? There are a number of theories about this, but one thing is for sure: Rush did not leave his assets to his children. While the estate of Rush’s father was allegedly split in half, the money was not distributed equally. A prenuptial agreement between Rush and his wife was not signed, so the question is, “Who inherited Rush Limbaugh’s money?”

The estate plan was created by Rush Limbaugh’s attorneys, and they did this to reduce taxes and protect privacy. After Rush died in February 2021, his estate was estimated to be worth $600 million. However, he had stated several years ago that he would “die broke.” His wife, Kathryn, had no children. Their marriage ended in 2010. Kathryn Limbaugh will inherit the bulk of the estate.

Rush Limbaugh made around $33 million a year, and was believed to have a net worth of more than $600 million. The media mogul left Florida in 1988 and relocated to New York City in 2010. In 2010, he sold his Fifth Avenue condo for $11.5 million. There is speculation that his children will inherit this money. But, for now, the only real answer is that the heirs of Rush Limbaugh are his children.

The estate of Rush Limbaugh includes four houses. Limbaugh lives in the largest one. He renovated it himself and decorated it. It features a putting green and a private beach. He and Kathryn also used the estate as a vacation getaway. And he left his family a large estate to spend time with them. So, if it’s a question of “Who inherited Rush Limbaugh’s money?,” this question will be answered soon.

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