Who Inherited the Brian Jones Estate?

Many people are curious to find out who inherited Brian Jones estate after the singer’s death. He left behind a huge estate worth $70 million. It has been a topic of intense debate over the years. The estate was handled by an accountant in Oxford, Terry Rawlings. But is the mystery solved? It would be interesting to find out. Here is what we know so far. Listed below are the assets that Jones left to his family.

Among the children who came from the estate are two children who were adopted by Jones. The eldest child was born to Brian and his adopted daughter, Belinda Gibson. She became pregnant in 1959 at the age of seventeen and was not married. She gave the baby up for adoption. However, the woman who adopted her son was not aware that Brian was the father. The daughter was introduced to her father after her brother brought her Rolling Stones album home. She became fascinated with the musician, and so she went to the Wooden Bridge Hotel in Guildford, England, and met him.

The second son of Brian Jones is a rock star, Keith Richards. He was a guitarist in the Stones. However, his behavior turned out to be less than ideal. In 1967, he became violent and abused drugs. He divorced his wife, Mary Barnett, and went on to have a child with his common law wife, Pamela Courson. After Brian Jones’ death, his family inherited the estate, and the question is: “Whose will inherit Brian Jones estate?”

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