Who Inherited the Hank Williams Estate?

The question of “Who inherited Hank Williams estate?” is not a simple one. While the story of the singer’s life is relatively clear, the controversy is still very real. For example, one of Hank’s heirs, Oklahoma doctor Horace Raphol “Toby” Marshall of Ada, was involved in administering illegal drugs to Hank, despite having a medical degree from the filling station magazine crew. The doctor also sent a bill to the Hank Williams estate.

In the following years, a 3-year-old girl named Cathy Williams was adopted by Wayne and Louise Deupree. The child changed her name to Cathy Louise Deupree when she was adopted by the couple. While known as a potential heir, Cathy Louise Deupree, the child who adopted the Williams family, declined to act on their behalf. It is unknown whether the woman’s half-brother is the legitimate heir or not.

According to the birth certificate of the daughter, Bobbie Jett, Hank’s adoptive daughter, the estate was worth approximately $600,000. The girl is now a successful performer, and her father, who adopted her, will also continue to provide for her. Despite this, the legal heirs will need to make an estate tax return to avoid paying taxes on her inheritance. So, the question arises: who will benefit from Hank Williams’ music?

After Hank Williams Sr. died, he had a net worth of $10 million. His children are now benefiting from the royalties of their father’s work. However, Jett Williams has no direct claim to the estate. In fact, the money that she gets from the estate comes from the sale of his music catalog. Acuff-Rose Music bought Hank Williams’ music catalog for $8 million in 1990.

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