Who Inherited the Hank Williams Fortune?

There is much speculation about the origins of the country singer’s fortune. While there are some possible answers, it is not clear who the heirs are. There are multiple relatives, which means that the question of “Who inherited Hank Williams fortune?” has a complicated answer. The singer’s adoptive parents allegedly cut her out of his will and left his estate to his family and close friends. Other family members claim that the singer was under the influence of prescription drugs when he made the will.

In 1988, a trial in Alabama ruled that Jett was his daughter. The judge awarded her half of his estate in 1989 and copyright renewal royalties in 1992. She made her performance debut in 1989 with the Drifting Cowboys band, which backed Hank Williams. She later wrote an autobiography and performed at the Grand Ole Opry. Despite the difficulties of proving her father’s paternity, Jett has embraced the legacy of her father and has remained outspoken.

The two oldest daughters of Hank Williams, Cathy Yvonne Stone and Jett Williams, have been negotiating the distribution of his estate. Both had been coping with his father’s music since the late 1980s, and the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that Cathy Yvonne Stone should receive twenty-five to thirty-three percent of royalties. However, Hank’s two sons, Randall and Jett, also claim a share in the fortune, although this is not official.

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