Who Inherited the JFK JR Estate?

One of the most common questions about who inherited JFK JR’s estate is who inherited his personal property. While no official records exist, it is believed that his estate was worth $30 million to $100 million, depending on the sources you consult. In addition to the personal property of JFK, he also left behind a family trust. While the trust was set up to benefit his children, it was not named specifically to inherited it.

Although Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg didn’t survive John Kennedy Jr., she inherited the majority of his assets. The estate was estimated to be worth about $100 million when JFK Jr. died in 1997. Among his assets, a bronze statue of the Greek god Hera was left to her. In 2001, the Bessette family settled a $15 million lawsuit against the estate for wrongful death.

While there is no definitive answer to the question of who inherited JFK JR’s estate, there are a number of other people who stand to benefit from the estate. The Kennedys left behind a legacy that lasted several generations. Although his personal property and wealth were not listed in his will, it is expected that his son will inherit furniture, mementos from his father, and the money from his trust fund. The trust fund was established in 1983 and revised on Dec. 19, 1997. Timothy Shriver, a cousin, will be the executor of the trust. In addition to his uncle and sister, Kennedy Jr. also left funds to the Kennedy presidential library and the Reaching Up charity.

Carolyn Bessette was a troubled beauty who dated JFK Jr. She was just months away from their wedding when she announced her miscarriage to her future husband. The pink suit she wore was now stored in the National Archives and will not be displayed to the public until 2103. Caroline was named in his uncle’s will. This is how his estate was divided. But who actually inherited it?

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