Who Inherited the Kirk Douglas Estate?

While still a child, Douglas struggled to earn enough money to pay his tuition and live on a modest budget. He sold snacks to mill workers and delivered newspapers to make ends meet. He worked at least 40 jobs in his life before becoming famous. Douglas discovered his talent for acting while he was in high school and knew he wanted to be an actor as a career. Douglas managed to talk his way into the dean’s office at St. Lawrence University where he earned a loan to pay his tuition. He also worked as a gardener and janitor part time while attending college.

Kirk Douglas’ net worth was reported to be $61 million, but the philanthropic nature of his estate is an interesting topic. The actor spearheaded numerous charitable projects and left most of his money to causes close to his heart. His family decided to donate his estate to good causes, and the Douglas Foundation will benefit from it. The Douglas Foundation will continue the legacy of the actor by helping the less fortunate in the world.

Aside from the Douglas Foundation, Kirk Douglas’ second wife, Anne Douglas, was an accomplished philanthropist. She became the founder of Cedars-Sinai Research for Women’s Cancers and The Anne Douglas Center for Women. She also continued her work on the Douglas Foundation long after her late husband’s death. She died in 2021 at the age of 102, leaving behind two sons and a daughter-in-law.

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