Who Inherited the Nat King Cole Estate?

Whether it was his twin sisters, Benita Hill and Tamara Engelstein, or his close friend Robert Adam Yancy, many people are wondering who will inherit the Nat King Cole estate. Natalie’s talent was overshadowed by her strength of character and her extraordinary ability to live a life that spanned nearly four decades. As such, her death has cast a cloud over the estate.

Cole left behind five children. The oldest, Natalie, was a successful singer. Natalie died of congestive heart failure at age 65. His other three children, Carole and Nat Kelly, were also successful artists. Robert and Natalie’s eldest son, Robert Adam, died of AIDS and lung cancer, respectively. Their father, Robert Yancy, was Cole’s first husband. The couple also had three stepchildren, Natalie and Carole.

Natalie Cole’s will named two friends as beneficiaries: Benita Hill and Tamara Engelstein. Despite the fact that her estate is not public, her son Robert received it. The singer’s estate was valued at $1.3 million, but the estate’s executor, Howard Grossman, is seeking $26,265 for work on the estate and to pay his attorneys. Natalie Cole also named two business managers: Britney Spears and Kelly LeBrock.

Natalie Cole’s only child was a drummer. He married Robert Yancy in the mid-1970s. Natalie had one son, Robert Yancy, who was part of her touring band. He survived his father’s death in 1985. Natalie Cole’s father was a famous music producer, so it would make sense that he’d have a share in his estate. Yancy’s father died of a heart attack in 1985, but his grandfather passed away from cancer in 1965.

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