Who Inherited the Nipsey Hussle Estate?

In the wake of the recent death of rap star Nipsey Hussle, questions have arisen regarding the fate of his assets and the child’s guardianship. Although the child was in the care of her father, who inherited his estate? The answer to this question may depend on the custody arrangement. London was named guardian of her son, but the question is, will she use the money to care for her son?

In August, Blacc Sam, the brother of Nipsey Hussle, filed an inventory for the estate. The inventory revealed that the deceased rapper’s estate was worth millions of dollars. In addition to the jewelry, the estate also includes a 14K yellow gold necklace and charm valued at $13,000 each. Nipsey also left behind music royalty assets worth millions of dollars. The probate process will be drawn out over the next several months.

The rap star’s family has a complicated history of conflicting custody. His children have different relationships with their father, and they are currently fighting in the court over the custody arrangements. The rap mogul’s estate is divided among two children: Kross and Emani. They were granted full guardianship of Emani Asghedom at age 12 and joint custody of Kross Ermais Asghedom when he was four.

The rap mogul left behind a massive estate worth $4.1 million when he passed away in December 2017. Its contents included a trademark portfolio, shares in a record label, and personal items. It is unclear exactly who inherited Nipsey’s estate, but it has already been revealed that his brother and his partner are overseeing it. This may not be the case, however.

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