Who invented Lamborghini? Here’s is all you need to know

Ferruccio Lamborghini, a war prisoner was born to a farming household in the small town of Renazzo in Italy. He developed a keen interest in machines and equipments from infancy and opted to study mechanics than to follow his family’s business which was a regrettable decision to his family, most especially his father.

When the second World war was at it’s peak, he was employed as a mechanical supervisor for the airforce. Germany with its military might invaded Italy, ousting the Italians and the determined man requested for the authorities to permit him to start his own workshop.

Who invented Lamborghini? Here's is all you need to know

The Allies, after two years took over and apprehended anyone they set eyes on as prisoners in the garrison and ong them was Ferruccio. They were highly impressed with his handiworks as a mechanic like repairing of broken parts and fixing car tyres and instructed him to fix their vehicles for them on the condition that after one year he would be allowed to leave.

The ramifications of the war plunged Italy into financial crisis and the visionary Ferruccio made up his mind to venture into agriculture by building tractors and remodeling military equipment to farming machines.

He soon started the Lamborghini Tratori in the year 1948 and the whole of Italy were enthused at the originality of his cars. Soon afterwards, he ventured into oil refinery in the year 1959 and flourished in that sector.

He started to purchase cars to satisfy his passion. A Ferrari 250 which he bought didn’t meet his preference for a luxury car and sighted several faults in various compartments of the car especially with its clutches and approached the owner of Ferrari apparently to pinpoint the mechanical faults with his manufactured car.

This didn’t go down well for the owner, Enzo Ferrari who used unprintable words on his customer and ttold him to go and establish his own car company.

Who invented Lamborghini? Here's is all you need to know

“Yes, I’m a farmer, but I’ll show you how a sports car should be.” These were the words of the founder of Lamborghini Automobiles, when he was insulted by Enzo Ferrari, who said, ” You’re a tractor driver, a farmer. You shouldn’t complain about my cars. They’re the best in the world.”

These insulting words gingered the offended young man who in 1964, also launched his own Lamborghini Automobile first car and it sparked the interest of the masses to purchase his new car.

Lamborghini Miura, the rear mid engine design has become the grand style and a trend for car enthusiasts around the globe to this day.

Life is full of obstacles and Lamborghini has had its own share of the difficulties but it still remains one of the best most talked about cars to n the world and the most out purchased super cars in the world.

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