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Who invented telephone? Everything You Need To Know About Alexander Graham Bell

Who Invented Telephone? The use of the telephone has become one of the most important things in the world and the act of people surfacing the earth now forms a global village. The telephone will be classified as an asset for the world because it helps almost everyone in this world to connect with their family and loved ones and it has served as a useful invention in this world since the day it was brought to life by Alexander Graham Bell.

Initially, telephones were invented purposely to help people hear the voice of their loved ones who weren’t close to them but since the world started evolving, it has turned into an invention serving a multipurpose factor in the lives of users and it would something that will live on till the world comes to an end.

In this article, we’re going to take you through the person who made the telephone possible which is now solving problems and helping human beings.

Alexander Graham Bell revolutionized communication as his interest in sound technology was deep-rooted and personal to him due to the issue of both his mother and wife were deaf hence that serves as a source of motivation for his inventions of the telephone. There are several controversies with regards to him being the pioneer of telephone he has the exclusive rights to the telephone technology hence he launched the Bell Telephone company in 1877. He had more than 18 patents for his work and invention in communication.

Who Invented Telephone?

Who Invented Telephone?

Alexander Graham Bell place of birth

The talented scientist was born on March 3rd, 1847 in Edinburg, Scotland from his mother who was an accomplished pianist despite being deaf and his father was also a professor in speech elocution at the University of Edinburgh. Alexander was a child who was intellectually curious hence he started inventing things at an early age of his life and also studies piano, however in his early 20s he lost two of his brothers to tuberculosis.

Alexander Graham Bell Education

The education of Alexander Graham Bell was a homeschooling type as he didn’t excel in academics but he was good at problem-solving and at the age of 12 he invented a device with rotating paddles and nail brushes. The device could easily and wife fast pace remove husks from wheat grains to the farming process and at the age of 16 he started studying the mechanic of speech

With is a newfound love for studying the mechanics of speech, he proceed to attend Royal High School and the University of Edinburgh then moved with his family to Canada in 1870, and the following year he settled in the United States.

During his stay in the US, Alexander Graham Bell implemented his father’s system to teach deaf children dubbed, “Visible Speech”. The system was a set of symbols that represented speech sounds. Bell, however, opened the school of Vocal Physiology and Mechanics of Speech in Boston in 1872 where dead people were taught to speak when he was 26 years then he become Professor of Vocal Physiology and Elocution at the Boston University School of Oratory despite not having a university degree.

Alexander Graham Bell met his wife, Mabel Hubbard who was a deaf student and got married on 11th July 1877 then had four children which two of their sons died as infants.

About the telephone

Who Invented Telephone?

He started working on the harmonic telegraph in 1871, a device that allow multiple messages to be transmitted through a wire at the same time and while he was doing his best to perfect the technology which some group of inventors was helping him with, Bell became preoccupied with finding a solution to transmit the human voice over wires but in 1875, Alexander Graham Bell with the help of his partner, Thomas Watson came up with a simple receiver that could turn electricity into sound.

As the talented scientist, Alexander Graham Bell and his partner came up with the technology, others including Elisha Gray and Antonio Meucci were also working on similar technologies. There’s a controversy that Bell rushed to the patent office to be the first to secure the rights to the discovery hence his telephone patent was granted on March 7th, 1876, and a few days he made the first-ever telephone call to his partner Watson.

Bell telephone company which is now known as AT&T got created in 1877 then Alexander Graham Bell made the first transcontinental phone call to Watson in 1915 to San Francisco from New York.

Legal issues around the Alexander Graham Bell’s Patent

Bell company faced over 550 legal issues as he faced 20 years of a legal battle with other scientists including Elisha Gray and Antonio Meucci with the claim they created a telephone prototype before Alexander Graham Bell’s patent

The United States government moved to withdraw the patent granted to Bell but he eventually won the Supreme Court decision after a series of rulings hence the court challenges became unsuccessful in the end.

Alexander Graham Bell accomplishments

Who invented telephone? Everything You Need To Know About Alexander Graham Bell

Aside from the telephone invention, Alexander Graham Bell also worked on several projects and owned patents in various fields like photophone, Metal detector, Graphophone, and others

He was awarded the French Volts Prize in 1880 and used the money to found a facility that was devoted to scientific discovery called “Volta Laboratory in Washington, D.C. His numerous techniques to teach speech to the deaf held many and also worked with popular author cum activist, Helen Keller. Bell also helped launch Science Magazine and from 1896 to 1904 served as the president of the National Geographic Society.

Alexander Graham Bell legacy and death

The talented scientist died on August 2nd, 1922 in Nova Scotia, Canada at the age of 75, and his death was attributed to diabetes leaving his wife and two daughters.

Alexander Graham Bell funeral has every phone in North America silent to pay tribute to the legendary inventor and date, he’s remembered for his inventions and technologies and also improving the education for the death


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